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Happy Birthday Dad. My Dad turns seventy nine today, Born in nineteen twenty four, He seen some changes along the way and he figures to see some more.

Just keep Dancin' !!! "Timing is the secret, to a successful Raindance" some will say, I'll tell you here and now, It just don't work that way.

Bob Jesson, 1914 - August 8, 2003 A tall man on a bay horse, That's the picture in my head, "Best all around horseman I ever met" , was what my father said.

This Too Shall Pass - I recall that ancient Chinese curse, "May you live in interesting times!" Well it's sure been a challenging summer, For writing humours rhymes.

Courage The West is creation's best sculpted by, ice, wind and fire. Her children made to match the land, twisted rawhide and barb wire. The half moon hangs blood red, Over a valley choked with smoke,

Economy of Summer 2003 We haven't seen a drop of rain in a month or more, the pastures are getting dry, but the hay looks good , and in our garden patch the corn's over six foot high.

Heading Out to the Ranch Perhaps the best thing about writing and performing for a living, is not being tied down to a routine, as long as I file my stories on time and get to my performances. Gordy called to say " I got the swather greased, the slough grass is six foot high. So quit ramblin' around telling lies, and give some honest work a try!"

Filing Muffins On The Fly ( from the Chitwood Ranch Airdrie Alberta) Well I've done a bunch of travelling the last two weeks or so, And I'll be headed home pretty quick, just got one more show.

The Cowboy (Poets) Christmas Run? We used to call it Cowboy Christmas, The first two weeks of July, You could hit a Rodeo nearly every day, Beneath a clear blue summer sky.

Cow Control We've got 30 million cattle tagged, with a bar codes on their ears. Canadian cattlemen, designed the program, to deal with modern of health fears.

Priorities In Ottawa ol' Fork Tongue Jean, Is fiddlin' the same old tunes, In hot pursuit of his pet projects, while the economy falls in ruins.

Sounds a Little Fishy to Me ! So, some Catfish Farmer, from the "Show Me State", Bought a ranch in Northern Alberta, and ends up with the first mad cow, Western Canada ever heard a'.

IF He Could Read My Mind? Will Rogers once said something about,horses being the only critter on Earth that seem to be designed, with serving man in mind! I rode the big sorrel colt again this morning, A week into training and we aint had a wreck. Another three weeks he'll be gentle enough, and I figure I will have earned my check.

Little White Lies. He was five years old and still unbroke, The Owner said "He's been handled once or twice, Been out on pasture much since he was three, but..... his mother was real nice."

Only Mad Cows and Englishmen.... How it got here we haven't a clue, imagine the hubbub if they would of found two. It's some Englishman's fault, of that much I'm quite certain, so let's pen them up behind a tweed curtain..

Wet Enough? I got note from a friend in South Dakota, just the other day, It seems that all the farmers she knows, are in a terrible way. It's the same up in Alberta, and all down the Eastern slopes, Late winter storms brought moisture, and rekindled farmer's hopes.

Ask Not, For Whom the Road Tolls "Ask not for whom the road tolls, you know it tolls for thee," Quoth the Premiere of Vancouver to the Heartland of BC. "A sacrifice is needed to make our Olympic flame burn bright, So you need not bother raging, at the dying of the light."

Wally Range - Rumour has it one of the Walton's is about to buy Douglas Lake Ranch, The biggest cow outfit in Canada, is going to become, Wal-Mart's agricultural branch!

Fifty's Just a Number! Riding along the river trail, A soft April rain is falling , Above it's subtle whisper, I hear, wary , wild geese calling.

Dog Creek , where our traditions began, Where Dog Creek meets the Frazer, There's good grass and not much snow. So Raphael started wintering his horses here, about a hundred and fifty years ago.

Easter 2003 Ancient wounds begin to bleed, When we take up our guns And seek to right a wrong by laying low, some other mother's sons.

Spring Wake Up Call ! My Mom called me just yesterday, she said "I know you've been busy Son, But If you've got some time in the next few days, There's some things that we need done. "

Spring Time on The Ranch , ( My Annual Ode to Mud ) " Use the back door!, Scrape your boots! Don't track that mud in here !" I retreat real quick, head ' round the back, While mumbling, " yes dear".

It's like the Muppet Show...without anything funny. I don't often agree with Fork Tongued Jean, but this time, he's dead right, not to join George and his toadies in this one sided fight.

Hey, "Fork Tongue Jean", what part of "Non!" don't you understand? Our retiring Prime Minister is half way out the door, but that doesn't mean he can't find ways, to waste a little more.

Dear George, maybe we can help next time... To George Dumb - A... Ooops! I mean.. Dubya... Bush. From Prime Minister Jean Poutine, Commander in Chief of the Canadian Army, Navy and Vintage Flying Club. We wish you good luck in your war,

Winter Across the Rockies From Saskatchewan to Texas the snow is three feet deep, Gas bills are high, cow feed is short, and it buried all the sheep.

The Gathering "What ever happened to chasing cows, and riding on the range?" The Idea of a Cowboy Poetry gathering might seem a little strange!

Cowboy Gatherings Relax old friend, and sit a spell, we'll swap some yarns and lies. Sing cowboy songs, and tell some poems about bad broncs and circle flies.

The Tender Trap It's been said that good intentions, can cause a lot of grief, We're up against a stacked deck, boys, at least that's my belief. Diamonds are for rich folks, and Chocolate makes her fat, Valentine's Day has become a trap, there is no denying that!

Who Was That Masked Man? They say his name's "El Nino", And he is a terror on the coast, while he sends warm winds to the Interior, just when we need them most!

I Owe Bob,"For a promise made is a debt unpaid".... Bob Service, penned that phrase, In the morbid tale of Sam McGee, Back in the Gold Rush Days.

Seven Week Itch I'm declaring a seven week respite, from all forms of political jokes. Until the Cowboy Fest is over, I'll only speak of only upright folks!

Fork Tongue Jean's "New Math"! I guess we should feel like we're getting a deal, after all they claim it is only going to cost One hundred and fifty thousand dollars for the study on what went wrong with the gun registry program, that was only going to cost two million dollars but actually cost a billion.

An ill Wind ?(my fool proof weather prediction method) It always make me smile a bit, when the West Coast, gets hit by a winter storm. Because those Southwest flows, that cause them woes... blow in here pretty warm.

This Is The Year Willy Nelson warned us about.... "Welcome to, Two Thousand Three ..minus 25... Oh say, can you smell it for the smoke? God's still up there laughin', so he's got to be alive, so who said, He can't take a dirty joke?"

Merry Christmas. A red crayon colored Santa , and a rumpled paper Dove, memories of Christmas past, made with paper, paste and love.

Countdown to Christmas Christmas is almost here, and I haven't got a clue, Just what to get my darlin' Wife, But I guess that's nothin' new.

If I had a Billion Dollars (with apologies to the Bare Naked Ladies) As the festive season's drawing near, Should we register our guns my dear? Or should we protest this expensive farce, and tell Ottawa to kiss my .....?

Our Prime Minister and his good friend "George Dubya" where crossing a bridge and Jean fell off.... why didn't George? He said , "She said..." is the name of the game, And if you say what we're thinking You can't dodge the blame.

Just Passin' Thru.. I rode the river trail today, on the sorrel, two year old. She's still a little cold backed, but she steps out nice and bold. It's an easy half day circle, no cows to move today, It's mild for late November, the sky's a dull slate grey.

Kenny Mclean won the World Seniors Calf Roping Championship last year. He tragically passed away July 13, 2002 at the age of 63. His wife Paula Jo was leading the circuit in the barrel racing when Ken died. She dedicated the rest of the season to his memory.

Will Rogers once said, " I don't make Jokes, I just watch the Government, and report the facts." Sorting fact from fiction, Where politics is involved, Would drive a sober man to drink, and still get nothing solved.

It's Snowin' in the Pass? My ol' Diesel, wouldn't hardly start today so I kicked and cussed it some. I should have changed the glow plugs, before the cold weather come.

Jump Start your day - You know for a middle aged X-Bullrider, my little brother still runs pretty good. We jumped the horses in the trailer, and as I tied my mare in place,my little Brother stood at the back door.

Weaning Time - I hauled the Bay mare up to my brother's place,and left the foal behind, Having her momma out of calling range, sure speeds up the weaning time.

Royal Memories - As the Queen and Prince Philip made their flying tour out West, I wonder If the Duke recalled, when he'd been Chunky Woodward's guest.

Taking time to tally up some stuff, I've been spinning in circles for a week or two, Between recitin' and writin' and fall chores to do.

Frosty Pumpkin Flavored Muffins? - We had our first frost the other night, The geese will be bunching up soon. My garden is empty, except for a few lonely pumpkins,
in the light of that big harvest moon.

As Good as it Gets - My little brother just finished his first trip as an assistant guide.
Leading a party of American hunters on a big game hunt far and wide.

Ready for the Gather - I put new shoes the two gray mares, I'll get the others reset next week, It's almost time for our annual game of bovine Hide and Seek!

Like Wow Man! - Well, they have finally gone and done it, this time there aint no joking. And we'll never have to ask again.... what them Senators were smoking.

Labor Day Weekend Tradition! - Fall fair time is on us, we rise at the crack of dawn one last long weekend beckons us, before the summer's gone.

The Art Of Hurling Defecation! - (composed while shoveling out the barn) - It's one of them chores a fellow keeps putting off, but ... it lies in wait for you. Until you run out of reasons to procrastinate, or just got nothing better to do.

I got a call today from some friends in Alberta who are organizing a Canadian Farm Aid Concert to help raise funds to assist drought stricken farmers and ranchers on the Prairies. It has been set for October 12, 2002 at Big Valley (near Camrose Ab.)

A Meteor Shower - Early August is a real good time, to camp far from any town. And enjoy the wonders of a summer sky, with no city lights around.

When I got to be my own boss I wished I wasn't! - Pushing cows on summer range, was my favorite riding chore. Each day a different circle, and we find a few head more....

Kenny McLean left this arena for another July 13, 2002 he was well mounted, with his rope in his hand. - Adios Ken, Today the West is a little less Western,
a great cowboy's been called home.

Party 'til The Cows Come Home? (Twelfth Annual Kamloops Cattle Drive) The big cattle drive is under way, Two hundred riders will prevail. From Nicola to Kamloops on the ancient Brigade Trail.

Fort Worth Nights - Right now I'm down in Texas Where them hot Panhandle breezes blow visiting with some southern friends for about a week or so.

Mike Pearson won the Nobel Prize, Pierre Trudeau, gave us a constitution of
our own, and our current PM...
I watered the garden, and turned my ponies out to graze. We are off to Alberta to spend a few days.

Still Crazy After All These Years ? - Fork Tongued Jean rides again, He just don't know when to quit. He's as ruthless as he ever was, but I think his mind has slipped a bit!

Too nice a day to waste sitting in front of a computer! - The late calves have all been branded. The cow herd's been turned out. The garden's up, the grass is good, aint got a thing to whine about.

Life along the River - Now forty-eight was before my time, but I sure remember seventy-two. It's amazing what a few days of rain, and a late run off can do! It's been pouring here for a week or so, dare I call it a liberal shower?

Babies - The bay mare dropped her foal last week, a sorrel filly with a tiny star.
all legs and curiosity, like most baby horses are.

The coldest spring in...... Heck! No one cares how long, I just want to take the snow tires off, and wear a T-shirt all day long.
The Cariboo Alligator is dead and gone, Though many tried their best, To save the toughest critter, that ever lived out west.
Endangered Species? - They'll hire ten thousand bureaucrats, to perfect the paper trail, and catalogue each critter, from grizzly bear to snail.

April, is national poetry month! It's half way over! Why wasn't I told? If they were going to have a poetry month why leave poets out in the ... Dark.

Spring Chores - Finally! It feels like spring. The snow is gone from the riverbank, them eggbound Canada geese can quit squawking and get to nesting. It seems as though we're a month behind on all the spring chores. The yards a mess, I got colts to start and about forty head of yearling heifers need to be dehorned...

April 2, 2002 - It's a good thing April Fools Day fell on a holiday this Year, 'cause there are too many crazy things going on, I couldn't pick just one I fear.

March Nights - The first day of spring was the coldest on record in most parts of British Columbia, 36 below in Big Creek , makes you wonder where our global warmin' went?

Cowboy Poetry fans - Cowboy poetry fans may be the most dedicated supporters of the Arts on the planet, in spite of horrible driving conditions attendance at this years Kamloops Cowboy Festival March 8-10, was up by more 40% over last year.

Frosty Muffins - The cold weather just keeps hanging on, It looks like winter aint quite through, The woodpile is getting down a bit, I'd best cut another load or two!

Ridin' Rhymes - I suppose most folks think I'm crazy, and I... suppose, they aint far wrong.

Darn Near Time To Hit The Saddle - Well we're on the final countdown, to the Kamloops Cowboy Festival Friends are calling in from near and far, Things are shaping up real well.

Kenny McLean - My childhood heroes where cowboys, that much should be plain, and I figured the greatest was Kenny McLean.

Valentines Day on the Ranch - You might buy your darlin' Chocolates, wrapped in a bow or two. Or a dozen pretty roses, The choice is up to you.

COWBOY PRIDE - Well, Ground Hog Day has slipped away For better or for worse.
But I'll leave stories about the weather, to some other poets verse.

What's in a Name? - Not a whole lot near as I can see, I real aint sure what a Liberal" is, Except that it isn't NDP.

Messin' with the Thermostat - Now the Weathers mild for January, But we've got some crusty snow, so anywhere the trail aint broke, most critters just don't go.

Kamloops Where's Your Cowboy Pride? - If you call this place a cowtown,
some people get upset, They claim that's a part of our heritage, they'd sooner just forget.

Merry Christmas Miko - When I was a kid there were a lot of ethnic jokes going around that accused Ukrainian people of not being very bright!

Resolutions! - We make well intentioned resolutions, or party until dawn, Hang up a brand new calender, catch our breath, then carry on.

What's it all about? - A long time ago, a child was born in a stable in small city in a far off corner of the Roman Empire.... There were no malls, no Christmas lights, no chocolate Santa in a plastic sleigh.

JINGLE BELLS!! - Dashing through the snow, in a one horse open sleigh., o'er the fields we go Laughing all the way! Bells on Bob-tail ring making spirits light?

The Environmentally Friendly Tree - Some folks think that it's a sin,
to cut a fir tree down.

December after midnight - The moon is near full and the night shadows are long, The crisp air seems alive with the coyote choir's song.

You got to be joking?...... Less than a month to go until Christmas! Heck! I aint done no Christmas shopping yet, and time's just flying by. Here I am in.... Hazelton? where there aint many stores to try.

I often travel 'round the country - Well, I've got things pretty well caught up around home and ready for winter. Which is good because I'm heading North for a couple weeks to do some readings and performances for folks along the trail from Prince George to Hazelton.

November 12, 2001- "Let the Snake Hunt Begin!" That was the first caption of a cartoon I read many years ago.

Round the Pen - I've got a dozen post holes left to dig before it freezes hard. The cows are gone to winter range an' I'm 'bout caught up around the yard.
Darn Tree - Pouring rain on a slimy black highway, you'd swear both the headlights were dead. Falling water and pavement swallow the light, I can't see fifty feet up ahead.
Waiting for The Road Apples to Fall - A friend called me early this morning, claimed her little mare wasn't doing too well, "dull-eyed and listless and plumb off her feed, what's wrong with her I just can't tell!"
Gathering - A little frost this morning, a rim of ice on the water trough, but once the sunlight hits the valley, I take my jacket off.
Oct 1, 2001 - Moving cows on a rain soaked trail, my slicker keeps me dry, it takes more than a shower to dampen my spirits so let me tell you why.
Sept 24, 2001 - Slidin' into fall, Between haulin' wood and huntin' cows, September just slips by. There's a hundred little chores to do, before the wild geese fill the sky.
Sept 17, 2001 - It's a long way from New York City to the Chilcotin, in more ways than one. But the tragedy of so many innocent lives lost, touches every human being in the free world!
Sept 10, 2001 - Leaving things to the last minute has sort of become a deeply ingrained habit with me. There is always a bunch of things that need doing and only so many hours in afternoon, some of which need be spent fishing. So consequently chores usually don't get done until they worm their way to the top of my priority list, and simply can't be ignored any longer.
The Last Blast of Summer - The last long summer weekend, means Fall Fairs and Rodeo, In nearly every little town Where ever you might go.
Lewistown Montana - They call it "Big Sky Country" And it's a fair 'nough name I guess, But it's one that you could hang on any corner of the West.
Unmuddling - I couldn't decide what to write today, So I cleaned out my tool box again. It's my favorite way, to un-muddle my mind When I'm not sure just where to begin.
A Story Teller - Jim Cobb Has left us; he passed away July 21 2001. Jim's story telling has always been one of my primary inspirations as a poet.
Cattle Drive 2001 - Come all you brave cowpunchers, where-ever you might be. If you long for the days of open range when the west was wild and free.
July 9, 2001 - Linda and I, and Hugh and Billie McLennan are headed down to Fort Worth, Texas For the Will Rogers Awards. Hugh has been nominated for Western Broadcaster of The Year And I have been nominated for Male Cowboy poet of the Year, My last Book (Meadow Muffins) and my CD ( Sage and Pine) have also been nominated.
Canada is - Canada, is a poet's dream, a land, so diverse and wide. It takes a lot of imagination, to see the other side.
Old Limpy - A lone coyote hunts with me, poking through swaths of fresh cut hay, the hunting is good, he'll have no problem, filling his belly today.
June 18, 2001 - There is a robin singing his head off, out on my back lawn. Another grey and cloudy morning. Looks like the drought is gone.
June 3, 2001 - Last weekend I was asked to share my poems with a group of young folks from North Vancouver. They were a great audience!
May 28, 2001 - There were fresh deer tracks in the garden this morning, so I guess I've been given fair warning!
BC, Under New Management - OK! We know who won, but what happens next. Will the NDP and Green Party duct tape themselves together and become the "Red Green Party" ? Will the Fast Ferries learn to float? How much will we have to pay out in pensions to all the unemployed ex MLAs? Do we have to wait for the Florida votes to be counted?
May 14, 2001 - "Son could you drop over for an hour or two?" For reasons beyond my understanding my Mom and Dad (who are both in their seventies) just bought a brand new home with a big yard in need of landscaping.
A Mother's Work - I sat down by the river bank and let an hour or two slip by. Watching a fluffy group of goslings and their mother swim near by.
Bawlin' Calves and Burnin' Hair - Seems like winter finally fizzled out, the hills are turning green. But in shady spots on northern slopes, some snow can still be seen.
Winds of Change - It's been a long cool spring but that don't make me sad, because the river has stayed low and the fishin' aint bad.
Hungarian Chuckar Partridges - There was a small flock of Hungarian Chuckar Partridges in the back yard this morning. They are very pretty birds, but usually so wary that you seldom get to see one up close. I spent a fair while watching them through the dining room window just a few feet away.
April 2, 2001 - My Mom said it snowed a bunch when I was born in early April, 1953. It was snowing again when I got up this morning, it must be David Suzuki's fault. I don't know how he done it, but I know he's been trying to mess up this global warming thing for years!
Signs of Spring - The horses are shedding hair everywhere and calvings near half done.On the days it doesn't rain or snow, there is finally some warmth in the sun.
March 19, 2001 - When the wind is from the West. There's bad news from the British Isles, About that hoof 'n mouth disease. The stench of burning cattle, Poisons every vagrant breeze!
When Irish Eyes are Smilin' - The seventeenth of Ireland, is but a day or two away. Time for the wearin' of the green, for 'tis Saint Paddy's Day.
Cowboy Poetry - Friends are pulling into town to swap some yarns and rhymes. Sing some songs and reminisce, about them good ol' Cowboy times.
Ain't Fair - It ain't fair! Alberta gets to have an election before British Columbia does! Not that I am in any way politically biased, but I am sure glad I didn't invest my life savings in a Big Game Guiding Outfit! I think it's one more step towards eliminating the rural poor, by forcing us all to move to town and join the homeless!
Valentine's Day - This day of rhymes and roses, is every poet's chance to shine, As long as we can think up words, to rhyme with Valentine.
Gone to Elko - I'll Slip accross the Medicine Line, as quietly as can be. Heading South to Nevada To spout some poetry.
This Friday (February 2, 2001) - the Ground Hog and our Premiere are both going to pop out of their holes for a look around. If either one of them sees a shadow, we'll be in for six more weeks of ICBC commercials.
Robbie Burns day is coming up January 27 so in honour of the most famous of all Scottish Poets.
Happy New Year - My column is to small to rehash the year, from a Cowboy's point of view. All in all, it wasn't too bad, and millenium bugs were quite few!
2001 a "Meadow Muffin Odessey" - Sounds like a great idea for a movie! About a bowlegged relic from a bygone time, Exploring the new millenium, In homespun stories and rhyme.
November 27, 2000 - Well, if you haven't made up your mind who to vote for yet, there isn't a darn thing I could say that might help. Just remember the words of Mark Twain; "In a Democracy you always get the sort of Government you deserve, like it or not!"
The Cowboys Gone Cybergeek? - Through back slashes and dot coms, I've wandered all day, Instead of the jackpine hunting cattle that stray.
Cowtoons - The night is filled with the bawling of the cattle, To their annual weaning song, The Steers are shipped, But the Cows and heifers, Harmonize all night long.

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