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Sharpening My Pencil

Mike's Meadow Muffin for June 6, 2005

 Sharpening My Pencil

Being laid up just a bit,

Until this busted wrist can heal,

I aint much help around the homestead,

So I'll try a different deal.

I used to be an honest lad,

but after years of writing rhymes,

I got hooked on telling wild west tales,

And I find me lying half the time.

Honest work is out the question,

There's few choices left you know,

For a gimped-up, has-bin, BS artist...

I'll go judge a rodeo!


Mike Puhallo

PS. I quit judging rodeos a dozen years ago because I kept getting tempted to enter, but I think enough time has passed it may be safe to go back now .

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